Bar basement ideas

Industral Basement Bar Design
Industral Basement Bar Design

Bar basement in the kitchen is a central place of the room that attaches all attention, makes the interior modern and functional. That’s why this basement should be comfortable, roomy and well-decorated. Choose the details that will be harmonious for your design. We will give you’re the best ideas that will be useful for any kitchen and for the place where you spend free time with your friends and family.

Home Bar Ideas

The curved basement

We are used to straight countertops in the kitchens. Take into account that straight furniture mostly is good for spacious rooms where you don’t need to think about each square meter. The best ideas for small bar basement are elegant curved models. Try to install an arched bartop with an elegant marble countertop and you will see a lot of admiring glances of your guests! This variant will help to save some space in the room and to organize a nice bar in the apartment. Another advantage of the curved model is the absence of sharp tangles which is safe for small active children.

Basement Curved Bar Ideas

The Curved Basement

Bar in basement: designs for minimalism

The strict and laconic style in the interior is always actual. If you get tired of flamboyant colors and pompous decorations, we can offer you to install a humble basement with sharp lines and an impeccable polished countertop that will make your space brighter. In front of this countertop you can attach a couple of wooden shelves or glass closets where all bottles and glasses will feel very comfortable. The single drawback of this idea is fingerprints on the polished surface of the basement, however this problem can be easily solved with a cloth and a soft detergent without abrasive particles.

Modern Minimalist Design Of The Modern Home Bar Designs

Wood is always actual

Bar ideas for the home with a classical interior are often tied with wooden decorations. This thing will never go out of fashion, that’s why you can bravely choose it for the luxury design. The best variant is a massive countertop with an amazing shine or artificial abrasions on the surface. You can add this style with curved chairs or wooden shelves. A useful recommendation: the wooden entertainment area requires a lot of financial expenses, only in this case it will look glorious. That’s why it’s worth choosing precious kinds of wood, for example oak or mahogany. Try to avoid synthetic materials that will make your space cheaper. To make this area perfect choose nice pictures with animalistic or floristic theme.

Bar Ideas For A Small Basement

Small Basement Bar Ideas

The neon idea

The original bar in basement designs can be bright and colorful. If you want to spice up your mundane basement, add some neon lights to the main decorations. We can place them on the ceiling in the form of small round light spots or install the neon tape around the basement. Using this trick, you will turn a regular kitchen into a luxury disco bar where everyone will want to dance and to relax drinking a glass of wine. The most importantly is to be moderate with neon. Otherwise being in the kitchen will be truly uncomfortable for the eyes.

Basement Bar Neon Lights

Black Glass Steel Bar

The brick idea

The ideas for small bar basement often imply the combination the amusement zone with the part with the sink and other useful utensils. In this case we offer to make the basement in the loft style. Use the natural or artificial bricks for installing the practical backsplash that will protect you and the counterpart from splashes. Also, the brick part will be a wonderful decoration for your cozy interior. Use the natural massive wood or stone for the countertop to create an appropriate loft atmosphere. In addition to this basement hang several open shelves for wine and whiskey.

Industral Basement Bar Design

Bar Basement Ideas With Brick Accents
Bar Basement Ideas With Brick Accents

Bar countertops: ideas for your kitchen

Bar countertop is a main part of the basement that must be strong, durable and stylish. We will offer you several materials and designs, the choice depends on your preferences and financial opportunities.

  1. A natural stone. It can be marble or granite. It’s a strong and wear-resistant material that will survive even if you put on the surface hot plates. The natural stone has a wonderful shade and pattern, it will look glorious in the modern and classical interior.
  2. If you want to buy something cheaper, you can choose the bar countertop made of an artificial stone that is similar to natural one. The material contains acryl and special mineral supplements that make the countertop more durable.
  3. Natural wood. It’s an expensive and stylish way to decorate your room. You can choose any kinds of wood, the most importantly is to take care about the thickness of the material (the optimal thickness of the countertop should be at least 20 mm).
  4. It’s a quite cheap material that is made of wooden flakes pressed with the help of a special equipment. Most of the countertops are produced exactly of this material. The top part of this model can be covered with a laminated layer. It makes the bar basement shiny and attractive, besides that, a laminated layer protects the surface from humidity and mechanical damages.
  5. A mirror. It’s a rare variant for bar basements that looks really impressive. You can choose a transparent of a mate mirror, the second thing is considered more practical because the fingerprints won’t be that noticeable on it.
  6. A glass. A tempered glass is a material for your countertop in a classical style. This is the best variant for small bar basement and the kitchens with limited space. A transparent material will help to make the room spacious and bright. The single disadvantage is marks on the surface, that’s why don’t forget to buy some glass cleaner.

Thus, our ideas for bar basements will be helpful for people who want to spend a funny time with their friends and family near the bar with wine, beer and snacks. Now you can make a party right at home, all you need is a good company and a stylish interior!

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