Decorating walls with mirrors

Mirror Inspiration So You Always Know How To Use Them

Decorating walls with mirrors is a brave idea that will help you to make your apartment luxurious and attractive. Designers say that a big number of mirrors makes the interior more spacious, gives more light for any room. We will give you the best examples of decorating that you can use for a classical or modern interior. Remember that this technique can’t be too cheap, nevertheless, the result will be truly impressive!

Wall decorations: ideas and tricks

Decorating walls is an exquisite art. You should take into account the size, shades, style and intensity of natural light in the interior. Use one or several mirrors of different sizes to make your place bigger or for the creation of soft and comfortable light.

The living room with mirrors

In most cases, living rooms have a lot of things including sofas, tables, chairs and wardrobes. Your task is to multiply is the feeling of space. You can do it by hanging a big mirror on the widest wall in the room. It will be perfect if the mirror is in front of the big window.

Large Mirror With A Massive Frame In The Living Room

Another original idea for your living room is asymmetry. A framed mirror divided into numerous sections will bring dynamism and luxury to the room. Please note: this mirror with the section isn’t suitable for putting on makeup, that’s why it will be uncomfortable to use it before going to work. At the same time, the framed mirror will serve us as an original decorative device that attracts all glances.

Wall Mounted Mirrors Set

Modern Wall Mirrors For Bedroom

If you prefer a strict and laconic interior, you can place an absolutely naked mirror, without any frames, in your living room. It will indicate your sense of taste and the passion for keeping things in order. On the other hand, if you want to make the room nicer and cozier, choose a little mirror in the vintage-looking golden frame that will make the atmosphere more intimate.

Mirror Without Frames In Living Room
Mirror Without Frames In Living Room

Decorative Large Walls Mirrors For Modern Living Room Walls Decor

The wall mirror in the bedroom

The decorating walls with mirrors in the bedroom requires caution, otherwise, we will turn a stylish interior into a soulless and tasteless room. Try to use the little mirrors as a part of your family gallery. Combine the pictures of your children or your wedding with exquisite mirrors with wooden frames. If your pictures have rectangular or oval frames, choose the same decoration for the mirrors to make a holistic style. These decorations will look appropriate above the bed.

Nice And Simple Rustic Bedroom Decorations

Round mirrors for your bedroom are always actual. This original shape brings harmony and elegance regardless of the place where you decided to put them. You can just hang five or six mirrors around the biggest wall in your bedroom. If you want to bring more personality to the interior, choose the mirrors of a different size, in the frames of different colors.

Circular Mirror Stone Accent Wall Bedroom

Gold Metal Accents Are A Signature Of Glam Style. Put A Reflective Spin On This Trend By Hanging An Oversize Flower Shaped Gold Metal Wall Mirror


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The wall of mirrors in the dining room

If you want to make your dining room more spacious and improve your appetite and the appetite of your guests, you can put several mirrors that will reflect your beautiful celebrating table. This trick will make your romantic dinners more sensitive, full of pleasant moments and intimate.

Choose the right place for a mirror in the dining room. If you use this place for cooking, it won’t be the best variant to hang a beautiful mirror above or near the gas stove. In this case, you will be tired of wiping off numerous greasy stains from the mirror.

If you are into Chinese philosophy, you will like the fact that the mirror should reflect the table filled with different dishes and drinks. This trick symbolizes prosperity and harmony in your family.

Mansion On The Heath Dining Room By KNOF Design

Amazing Wall Mirror Design Ideas For Dining Room Decor

What material will be the best for the frame

Decorating walls with mirrors require a sense of taste and knowledge about design. A wrong frame can spoil all perceptions of your interior. We will give you some recommendations that will help to choose the stylish and elegant design:

  1. If you prefer the classical style, buy the mirror with a wooden frame. Its surface can be decorated with carved elements. Remember that any sort of wood should be prepared properly. Manufacturers use special impregnations to protect the material from humidity and ultraviolet. Still, we don’t recommend to use wooden frames for decorating walls in the bathroom.
  2. Do you love hi-tech? Then the mirrors with the plastic frame will b a nice variant. The main rule is to choose the models without decorative details that would look too pompous in the modern apartment. The good advice: choose the frames that will be contrasted with the color of your wall. Does your wall in the room have a neutral white color? Don’t be afraid and choose a nice mirror with a red frame!
  3. Loft style is a combination of the solemn and stylish atmosphere. The best choice, in this case, is a big mirror with a brutal metal frame. This device will be suitable for the grey «concrete» walls. Another variant is a model with an untreated wooden frame that has artificial defects and uneven parts.
  4. Do you want the mirror to serve as a decorative element only? Then hang several colored models. It will a great panel for your wall that can be considered a nice alternative to pictures.

Round Wall Mirror In A Large Wooden Frame


Place Mirrors Near Light Sources

Mirror Inspiration So You Always Know How To Use Them

Size matters

The decorating walls with mirrors in the dining room or bedroom will be nice if you pay attention to the proportions and sizes of these details. If your room is full of large things, we will recommend choosing a big mirror that will take the whole wall. Small mirrors will steal your space, as a result, the room will look quite cumbersome.

Do you have thin and exquisite shelves, elegant pictures in neat frames? Then your mirrors should have narrow and humble frames, otherwise, they will attract all attention and make other details meaningless.

Thus, there are a lot of ideas for wall decorations with mirrors of different shapes, colors and sizes. Choose the design that will help our interior to look more spacious and lighter and don’t forget about a harmonic combination of different details!


Rondo Original Decorative Wall Mirror In Stainless Steel Zieta 5

You Could Opt For Four Vertical Rectangular Wall Mirrors As They Will Give Depth And Light To Any Setting.

Wall Decor Mirror 1


Floor Mirror

Wall Of Mirrors Behind Dining Table