Men bedroom: ideas for your elegant interior

Do you still believe that interior decorations are prerogative only for women? It’s high time to forget about stereotypes and turn your apartment into a cozy and bright nest where you can rest after a hard working day or invite a lady for a wonderful romantic dinner. We will offer you room decor for men that will make your bedroom look stylish and functional.

A perfect bad for men: what is it?

While women pay more attention on decorations, men choose comfort and functionality. If you like loft style in an interior, you can choose a reliable bed that is made of natural brutal wood. If you prefer a classical style, we can recommend you a wonderful carved model with a heavy headboard that will be a main part of your bedroom.

Modern man bedroom is a room with a lot of leather things that symbolize a high social status. Choose a bed with a leather headboard decorated with buttons or chequered pattern. You can buy a model with artificial leather that will be the mix of durability and a low price.

The best bedroom wall art for men

Wall art for men is the décor that will help to emphasize a certain part of your room. In most cases you can see the variant with different posters above the bed. If you want to calm down and to relax after a busy day, buy neutral posters with waterfalls or forests. The contemplation of wonderful nature will make you forget about all hardships.

Do you prefer anything braver and more extravagant? The posters with a naked woman don’t look like something vulgar if you choose a nice technique of drawing. A wonderful lady in black and white shades will demonstrate your sense of beauty.

A male bedroom decorating ideas for which should be more brutal and masculine can be decorated with dark and even aggressive posters. A cunning snake curled or preparing to its death jump, a formidable wolf or a giant bear can represent your brave and decisive temper. These animalistic images will mix perfectly with a gloomy loft style.

Wall decor for men bedroom

Masculine Bedroom With Charcoal And Leather
Masculine Bedroom With Charcoal And Leather

Decorations for mens room

Accessories for men bedroom will help to decorate the space, make the interior more elegant, express the personality of an owner. The most important part of the room are lights. They should be comfortable and functional. We recommend you to use not only a big chandelier (maybe it’s worth refusing from this out-of-date device), but also a lot of little lamps including compact spot lights. It will divide the room into several useful zones (for example, a zone for sleep, a part with a desk and shelves and a zone with a cozy sofa and a little table for spending time with friends or with a partner).

Another great idea for your bedroom is elegant paintings. You can choose a high-quality replica of a classical art of a famous artist or order a wonderful picture according to your individual preferences.

Who said that only women can be romantic? If you are into sentimentality, hang on the walls the photos of your loved ones. These can be your parents, children or a romantic partner, another wall can be decorated with some pictures of your pet (or several pets). If you devote your time to your family, it will be nice to put some handmade souvenirs of your children to the shelves.

There is something from a beast in every man. Are you ready to demonstrate your nature to your guests? Then the skin of a wolf or a bear would be a perfect proof! You can spread it around the floor near the fireplace or the bed. The most importantly, choose a nice artificial variant made of high-quality synthetic threads: a true man should take care of the environment.

Mens Room Decorating Ideas

Awesome Bedroom Floating Bed With Brick Wall Decor Masculine Bedroom Of Mens Bedroom Ideas
Floating Bed With Brick Wall Decor

Mens Bedroom Decor Ideas

Men small bedroom: ideas for decoration

A small bedroom doesn’t leave much place for a fantasy, although even in this case you can use your imagination and create a wonderful design. The first rule is to choose right wallpapers. Try to use a bright and light one-shaded color that will «stretch» the space. It’s better to avoid the wallpapers with different patterns or the decorative plaster with a prominent surface.

Another rule is the shiny white ceiling that will reflect your interior and create the impression of the spacious room. You can add some light spots in the different places of the bedroom (don’t use cumbersome chandeliers that are actual only for big apartments).

A bed-transformer is the best solution of the problem of small rooms. You can use this furniture as a comfortable place for sleep (or more interesting activities) or as a place for having a small dinner with your lady. Most of these models have a mobile part as a table, also these beds are equipped with drawers for keeping bedclothes.

Some recommendations for your male bedroom

  • Don’t overdose brutality. Otherwise your male style will look ridiculous. Remember about the moderation. If you choose one brutal element (the animal skin or weapon on the wall), another interior should be neutral and calm.
  • Don’t follow stereotypes. If you really like bright and pinkish shades, it doesn’t mean you should stick to gender stereotypes and buy everything in dark and boring colors. Choose something that will really bring you a joy!
  • Be functional. A lot of people have to live in small apartments. In this case choose compact furniture that won’t take a lot of place. We recommend you to order it with the individual sizes (for example, a wardrobe can be narrower than it could me if you bought it in a regular shop).
  • The bedroom of a modern man is a comfortable place with the high-technology equipment. Smart lights that turn on automatically, curtains with a remote control will be useful for your time and will help to impress other people.

Remember that a bedroom is your personal space and only you can decide what design you would like to see here. These ideas will be a nice addition to an ideal picture in your mind.